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imttusa Guns are cool and fun! Safe gun handling, proficiency and accuracy is a minimum expectation. Guns have a very limited scope, application in Law Enforcement and day to day use in a civilized society....this is not a combat zone. Stress control, less than lethal tools, decision making and proper emotional control are just as important for conflict resolution. We don’t conduct “direct action” nor are we “Special Forces” or “Rangers”. Lethal force is the last resort, you must train on decision making under stress, combatives and a number of other less than lethal tools. These are not sexy, flashy or very entertaining. The expectation of Politicians, LE management and society is extremely high. This video shows scenario based final testing & one short lecture by Dylan IMTT instructor (short block on mirroring), the student must perform to standard, within use of force requirements and within policy. They will experience a catalog of scenarios under instructor observation and scoring. These are documented and held on file. Repeated failures and inappropriate use of force applications will terminate the student and remove them from the position. They are then sent back to the agency and removed from the team. The cadre subject the student to multiple different and varied unknown use of force situations. He or she must perform to standard while on video and graded. This is a Basic SWAT class, 10 days in length, final testing. The officers attending have completed probation as officers for two years minimum before applying, successfully complete a try out, then make team probation as a PTM (prespective team member) for an average of one year before attending the SWAT school. Typically the officer has five years on the job before they arrive for this phase 1 training. If successful, they must return and complete a phase 2 advanced SWAT class. That is another 10 day class administered 7-10 months later. They will then be granted a permanent post as a full team member. #swat #varusteleka #routacofficial