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IMTT US Army Special Forces Challenge

IMTT US Army Special Forces Challenge

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Kurssi pidetään kokonaan englanniksi. Kouluttaja, Erik, on monessa mukana ollut Yhdysvaltain armeijan erikoisjoukkojen jäsen. Kurssin tarkoitus on antaa käsitys Yhdysvaltain erikoisjoukkojen toiminnasta. Kurssi kestää 4 vuorokautta ja sisältää äärimmäistä rasitusta.

Course Overview

  • Waterborne operations
  • Rapelling
  • Land navigation day / night
  • Patrolling
  • Basic to intermediate skill-sets
  • Etc.

This class is designed to give you a strong understanding, indoctrination and overview of us army special forces. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Students will learn the fundamentals of the history, lineage, qualifications and immerse you in the experience of US Army Special Forces. You will be required to pass a minimum physical test in order to participate. During this course you will, cross water obstacles, navigate day and night. Patrol, long distance ruck march, rappel, subjected to a battery of standard testing that is conducted as part of the us Army Special Forces selection process.

Each student will bring:

  • Equipment list will be provid-ed to each participant who signs up

IMTT will provide:

  • Training aids
  • All training sites
  • Certificate of training

Instructor profile

Instructor; Erik, is a highly decorated former Ranger & Special Forces First Sergeant E-8 ; Mogadishu, Iraqi and Afghanistan combat operations, his awards include the Silver Star and Bronze Star for Valor.

Course information

Course title: US Army Special Forces Challenge
Date: May 4th through the 7th 2014
Duration: 4 days
Cost: 460 €
Location: Helsinki region
Language: English


Email [email protected] with the following information in order to apply for this course: Full name, Address, Phone number, Email and Age.

For additional enrollment information contact: [email protected]

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All students will be awarded an IMTT certificate of training suitable for display and framing.