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Belgialainen M90 kenttätakki, palapeli-maastokuvioitu, ylijäämä

Belgialainen M90 kenttätakki, palapeli-maastokuvioitu, ylijäämä

Hinta 16.99 EUR sis. alv

Apua! Kaiken muun ohessa meille pamahti läjä käytettyjä belgialaisia palapelikuvioituja takkeja (ja housuja)! Tämä on ihan fiksu kenttätakki hauskan näköisellä kuviolla.

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Apua! Kaiken muun ohessa meille pamahti läjä käytettyjä belgialaisia palapelikuvioituja takkeja (ja housuja)! Tämä on ihan fiksu kenttätakki hauskan näköisellä kuviolla.

Belgialaiset keksivät maastokuvion jo 50-luvulla, ja ensimmäiset tuotokset olivatkin tosi päheen näköisiä. Muutaman eri variaation jälkeen 90-luvulla tapahtui jotain kummaa: kaikkien tyylikkäiden maastokuvioiden jälkeen otettiin käyttöön uusi, tosi kummallisen näköinen "palapelikuvio". Jännä sinänsä, koska aikaisemmat variaatiot olivat vielä jotakuinkin toimivan oloisia. Maastokuvioissahan yleensä käytetään hieman maanläheisempiä värejä, mutta epäilemme, että Belgian luonto on muuttunut kummallisen väriseksi kaiken sen pahuuden syövyttämänä, tai belgialaiset muuten vain haluavat herättää pahennusta maailmalla. Nämä ovat kunnon kenttätakkeja tällä pirtsakan erilaisella kuviolla.

Tämä on vähän M65-tyylinen kenttätakki, jossa on matkittu myös vähän brittiläistä Soldier 95 -takkia. Vetoketjusulku neppareilla, nepparikiristys hihansuissa, kiristysnauha helmassa, neljä vetskarisulkuista taskua edessä ja tarranauhataskut kummassakin hihassa. Kyynärpäistä löytyvät vahvistukset ja kainaloista pienet tuuletuskolot. Kaulus on normaalia ylösnostettavaa mallia.

Materiaali on miellyttävän tuntuista puuvillan ja polyesterin sekoitusta.

Takit ovat käytettyjä, mutta palveluskelpoisessa kunnossa. Koot ilmoitettu Belgia-koissa ja oma pituus / leveysarviomme perässä suluissa.


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24.06.2016 (Muokattu 27.06.2016)
I bought one thinking I might try dying it, but now I have it I think I'll just wear it as is. The camo is pretty wacky but I'm starting to like the look. I'm 180 cm, around 95-100 cm chest. Medium Long fits really well, room enough for a hoody or jumper underneath but not too loose. The lower pockets have flaps that are sewn down at both sides, and close with a zip. Inside each of the lower pockets is another pocket that closes with velcro. Chest pockets are roomy, much like the ones on the UK windproof smock. Fabric is quite thick, seems to have a high cotton content. Jacket is a little heavier than I expected but still pretty light. This one had the waist and hem adjustment cords removed, but I would have removed them anyway so that's fine.
10 1 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

19.11.2016 (Muokattu 23.11.2016)
Tää on kyllä tosi kiva takki. Kaksisuuntainen sulkuvetoketju(ainaki omassa takissani) on aika hauska ratkaisu, mut sillekin varmasti joku käytännön selitys löytyy. Kauluksen saa nostettua aika korkealle, joka sitten varmistetaan velcrolla. Taskuihin mahtuu mun mittapuulla pirusti tavaraa. Helmakiristyksen poistin, koska se on itselle turha, ja maastokuvio on mun mielestä piristävän erilainen. Tykkään.
11 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

Hi I ordered large-long, I am ~178 cm tall, chest ~110 cm. It fits well with room for a thick sweater, also arms are quite long (cool!), exceeding my closed fists, also it is long and covering butt and upper legs that is perfect! Pattern is like on the first picture not like on the other pictures (perfect!). Feels comfortable for outdoor/forest work, especially for shoveling dirt and cutting trees - or whatever intense activity - the long arms are perfect! it is quite thick material, seems good for hiking. Long story short, perfect jacket for outside.

Overall in good condition, stiching is perfect. No visible damage on the jacket, everything is functional, zippers, buttons, etc. Has a very slight warehouse odour, not too much, it needs good windy summer sunshine to air it out. Has a slight faint of the dyein on the back where the backpack rubbed the jacket of the previous owner, not a big issue, typically I will wear it with a backpack too.

As another reviewer wrote I am too thinking about dyeing the jacket to black, but actually I like the jigsaw camo more and more. Will see what to do. :-)

I would recommend it for European weather, excluding winter. Good for spring/autumn with a thick sweater, good for late spring without sweater, early summer with long armed cotton t-shirt.

Surprising quality for this price! Nice to have one!
8 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

21.07.2017 (Muokattu 21.07.2017)
Achievement Unlocked: Peculiarly Dressed Bloke. I'm 190 cm tall, 100cm chest. Ordered a large-long. Hem comes to my upper thigh. Loose-enough fit I could wear several layers underneath. Collar's high and wide enough to wear a decent scarf underneath. Cool little mini-pockets inside the front pockets. Pocket on either shoulder, big enough for a smartphone. Only way I know it wasn't fresh out the box are about six small repairs above the left cuff. Going to see if I can't do an alteration to mirror the 85/90 British Jacket, and get a poacher's pouch. I'm actually counting the days for the weather to get bad enough to wear this.
2 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

Friggin' Belgian Jigsaw Jacket!

Awesome piece!

I've fallen in love with the Belgian Jigsaw camo pattern. I enjoy wearing this and it can be funny when some ppl have this sort of puzzled look on their face when they see it. Totally worth it!

Anyways, back to the actual product. I ordered a few of these, because the first one I got was too small (my fault for not following the size recommendations), and that one was pretty much like new. No repairs, no tears, no missing buttons/zippers/tie-strings and no fading! But the ones I got in my size we're slightly faded, one had major repairs to it, and very visible.

I'm not complaining though, for the amount of barely used stuff I get from Varusteleka, I have to expect some surplus to look like surplus right!? I kept the nicer jacket.

What I like about this jacket is the high collar. Seriously, on a cold windy winter day... I wouldn't want to go out without this jacket (and some nice big sweater underneath). The collar is really a great feature. On the flip side, sometimes I'd wish this had a hood.. but that's when I start with the comparisons between my Flecktarn parkas and these.

I'm used to the German military stuff, I'm the biggest fan of the Flecktarn Parka (enough that I own 3, from different years and color tones and for different reasons), and what I enjoy about the Bundeswehr clothing, is the fit. They fit snug, not too tight, but not on the baggy side. The belgian jackets are on the baggy side, especially in the sleaves under the armpits, unless you are wearing a big sweater, or you have arms the size of a sumo wrestler, they are a bit big. Kepping in mind, I am not a big guy.

In any case, that is nitpicking, because this is awesome surplus that is hard to find and at a more-than-reasonable price!

Thank you Varusteleka!
3 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

09.08.2017 (Muokattu 09.08.2017)
Just got mine. Fits perfectly. One press stud on the storm flap is warped and won't snap and there's a small repair to the inside of the jacket, but otherwise no visible damage and looks and feels well-made. It's faded just the right amount to be fashionable and smells a lot less surplus-ish than most of my other stuff, actually it smells like it's been recently washed rather than like it's been absorbing cosmolene vapour for several years. Most would consider this a plus but I don't mind either way, Eau de Stockage Militaire has grown on me.

The camo is absolutely absurd and I love it. If I ever find myself invading an alien planet I'll be well-concealed.

Design of the jacket is practical, the pockets are a good size and in fact the chest pockets remind me of the cams I was issued, about the same size too. Design is fairly lightweight compared to, say, a liner-less M65 but still not quite British Army Soldier-95-or-later tier. Interesting they used bungee cord for the drawcords and I can imagine the plastic toggles/stoppers being a serious annoyance under LBE or a plate carrier, but as I won't be wearing either of those things with this or crawling around on my guts, not a problem for me. Normal string tied off as needed as per the British system is a better way to do things in my opinion.

Overall, a neat and unique-looking jacket that I'll be wearing quite a lot, I think.
2 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

A perfect jacket for adventures in woods. Strong , and comfortable , it's very good !
2 1 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

Tämä oli hyvä takki, mutta vyötärön kuminauha puuttui joten lisäsin sen itse, hiat olivat myös liian lyhyet mut neki korjasin ompelemalla reosrit
1 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

At first I thought it was to light to use during the Fall, but it was all I needed throughout most of Fall, and as it has gotten colder, all I have to do is ware one sweatshirt under it, and it keeps me pretty warm. Dirt comes off it pretty easy as well.
1 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä


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