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US kenttäpullon kuppi, ylijäämä

US kenttäpullon kuppi, ylijäämä

Hinta 12.99 EUR sis. alv

Jenkkiarmeijan pakinkorvike on käytössä edelleen. Tosi fiksu keksintö - puolen litran metallikuppi, joka kulkee kenttäpullon mukana viemättä juurikaan ylimääräistä tilaa. Nämä ovat aitoa jenkkiarmeijan kamaa, eivätkä Kiinassa valmistettuja kopioita, joita näkyy joka puolella.

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Jenkkiarmeijan pakinkorvike on käytössä edelleen. Tosi fiksu keksintö - puolen litran metallikuppi, joka kulkee kenttäpullon mukana viemättä juurikaan ylimääräistä tilaa. Nämä ovat aitoa jenkkiarmeijan kamaa, eivätkä Kiinassa valmistettuja kopioita, joita näkyy joka puolella.

Vaikka ihan uuden "samanlaisen" kopiokupin saa jopa halvemmalla, kannattaa silti ostaa tämä jenkkiarmeijan käytetty malli, sillä käytettynäkin kuppi kestää ihmisiän, ellei joudu traagisesti telaketjujen alle. Silloin kuppi kestää pidempään.

Tämä kuppi keksittiin jo sata vuotta sitten ja eri hyvänä ideana se on käytössä edelleen. Kuppi on muotoiltu sujahtamaan jenkkiläisen kenttäpullon pohjan päälle. Näin se kulkee kenttäpullon ohessa, aina mukana, viemättä käytännössä yhtään ylimääräistä tilaa. Kupin malli on pysynyt käytännössä samana jotakuinkin ensimmäisestä maailmansodasta asti, joskin materiaalipulan aikoihin nämä tuppasivat olemaan alumiinisia, muutoin rosteria.

Kupit on valmistettu ruostumattomasta teräksestä, mikä meinaa hyvää kestävyyttä ja mahdollisuutta avotulella lämmittämiseen. Rosteri ei johda lämpöäkään äkäisesti kuten alumiini, mikä on tosi kiva juttu huulten kannalta juomaa tai keittolientä hörpätessä.

Aitoa jenkkiarmeijan tavaraa

Tuote on käytetty mutta täysin ehjä. Kannattaa pestä huolella ennen käyttöä. Myymämme kupit ovat valmistettu joskus 1900-luvun puolivälin jälkeen. Sekaisin eri malleja; joissain kahva taittuu alle, joissain ne heiluvat sivuille. Emme valkkaile.



9/2011 - Jotunheimen, Norja


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it holds water!
11 1 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

Hyvä kupponen johon on itse vaan askarreltava kansi , vaikkapa säilyketölkin kyljestä leikatusta suikaleesta. Tukevaa tekoa !
7 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

01.04.2019 (Muokattu 01.04.2019)
This contemporary USGI Canteen Cup is made of high quality stainless steel & the most durable military issue canteen cup (or any cup for that matter) I know of and or have experienced in 40 years. On strength: I saw a truck park on top of the Zebra Billy Can #1. This canteen cup feels twice the thickness of that billy- so go figure! On material quality, I have had water spill from the canteen when in refill and unbeknowst to myself trickle down and sit in the canteen cup for 48hrs- there was no rust whatsoever. This is rare. Handles interlock. I measured the cups capacity exactly. It holds a (usable) 750ml for sure (may be less with evaporation remember). You will find this is the 'standard size' for a hiking cook pot/ cup. However, this 750ml is with 150ml (spare) from being full to the brim (so you have space to stir, hence the words 'usable space'). If you eat a lot and are cooking a meal, I recommend roasting your potatoes or other large veg. in foil in the fire separate to the canteen cup; and cooking your meat in the cup, then adding them to your main meal. That way you maximise cooking space in the cup, yet save weight on not requiring a bigger cup. The cup could be made perfect by using again all stainless materials and stainless rivets to secure the handles on and changing the butterfly handles to the old single fold bail under arm handle with the slit for extended for handle use over a fire. This is the preferred, importantly stable choice of many bushmen as the cup cap be placed directly on a fire if necessary and if the stove stand isn't available. This handle also gives the cup stability on inclines or uneven surfaces, such as mountain faces. Rivets are the strongest form of construction, cope better with heat expansion than spot welds & can be replaced if necessary. The WWII USGI cup used them, but I think the cup itself was aluminium, not stainless steel, which is not perfect. The only lid I know that fits this contemporary USGI canteen here is the Pathfinder recessed lip lid. It is recommend as coals can be placed on top of this lid that wont fall off, like when baking foods. Many do not realise the stand that goes with these is brilliant, as unlike the Hobo stove it can simply be lifted from the fire and placed on a new grouping of fresh coals, no new fire making or restocking needed. If you want a forever cooking pot/ cup, that is ergonomic, super strong to use a s main cook unit or supplement as a scouting one there is a reason this cup has been in service for 100 years. If you demand outright strength for extreme environments & you need to rely on your equipment to keep you a live, I strongly recommend you seriously consider this cup. So there you have it. If you want beautifully built, refined strength- a cup that is lighter but still strong enough to last a lifetime & beyond, consider the Dutch Army Stainless Steel Canteen Cup. But that another story... There you go. A canteen cup nerds perspective of the USGI s/s Canteen Cup.
7 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

12.05.2019 (Muokattu 20.06.2019)
Original review May, 2019: The one I received is stamped "US WCW" on the handle with no date. It has the L-shaped handle that folds under, not the butterfly handles. It is very thick steel and I cannot bend the cup with my hands unlike so many modern repros. Info online suggests this is a Vietnam Era cup, but I'm not sure as it seems WCW was making cups for several decades. It appears they stopped sometimes in the 70's, so at the very least I have a 40+ year old heirloom. I'm very pleased as I was expecting the butterfly version and this one is definitely built to last! *****Update June 19,2018***** Bought another. Asked for an L-handled one but received a butterfly handle version so I guess they are out of the L-handles. This one is stamped "US WYOTT" with no date. Came with lots of signs of use: grimy, slimy and remnants of gods knows what kind of food or beverage in it. Lots of soot and burned on the outside. In other words true military surplus HA!! Great quality, well built and made of a solid grade of steel. Took an abrasive cleaning pad, along with some dish soap, hot water and lots of elbow grease to it. Cleaned up real nice and is now perfectly sanitary for use by humans. Very happy!
2 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

Mine came in awesome condition, looks new and no rust. Has a name on it in sharpie on the bottom, if it wasn't for that I'd have thought it was unused.
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Solid canteen cup that also happens to accommodate the old South African Army plastic 1L bottle. Minus half a star because of some corrosion on the handle. 2 others I bought were only a little dirty with no issues or corrosion. Otherwise great value for money.
0 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

Almost indestructible, easy to clean and work well when heating boil-in-bag meals. Be aware that, on the older pattern (pre-1973) cups, the underfold handle is *not* stainless steel and will corrode. I have never seen/had a problem with corrosion with the butterfly handles. Buy genuine US surplus cups for stainless steel and for reliable fit with US-type bottles. Get one while they are available!
0 0 Ilmoita väärinkäytöstä

I didn't buy mine from the site, but I got one from a local surplus store about 1 day before it dropped. Lol. Great design and US GI canteens (1 liter) fit perfectly, and can fit inside of regular canteen pouches. You can cook with this item, either put it on an open flame or an esbit stove, perfect for when you only have 1 FRH for multiple heatable food items. It has a wire handle attached so it can act like a coffee mug. The one I have is used, and only has some scratches and scorch marks. It seems like the only thing that could break one of these things is a bullet.
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29.05.2020 (Muokattu 29.05.2020)
Kokeilin tänään ko. kuppia, ensin Miltekin spriikeittimen alustan ja Trangianpolttimen kanssa. Eipä onnistunut tällä kombolla. Svenskien pakkikeittimen tuulensuoja Trangianpoltin ja kenttäpuollon kuppi olivat toimiva yhdistelmä ja kahvi valmistui yllättävän nopeasti. Yhtä hyvin pakkikeittimen oma poltin olisi toiminut, matkaan lähdettiin kuiten Trangian polttimella. Pakkikeittimen komponentit vaikuttaisivat melko NATO -yhteensopivilta. Join kahvini suomalaisesta siviilikuksasta, joten suomalaisen kaluston NATO-yhteensopivuudesta en tämän kokeilun perusteella osaa sanoa mitään.
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